Favorite Baby Items on Amazon

In one month we'll be celebrating Aiden's 1st birthday which is crazy to think about. It seems like he was born just yesterday. Throughout the year we've used a ton of baby items so I'm making a list of items we use or used the most from Amazon. #ad

Tommee Tippee Bottles 

Aiden wasn’t too picky on the bottles he used but we loved these bottles. We alternated between breastfeeding and bottlefeeding and these made it so easy. You could also use the nipples from the bottles with the pump and go storage bags. The bags were so helpful because you could pump right into them without dirtying bottles. After pumping into the bags you could store them or use them with the bottle nipples and feed right to baby. These bags are compatible with most pumps and if not you can buy an adapter. 

Baby Bath Seat

This bath seat was really helpful because he grew out of the baby bath pretty quickly and still needed something to support him when sitting. We used this for a while even after he could sit unsupported just so we could fill the bath up for him and not worry about him slipping around. We stopped using this at around 9 months when he started trying to climb out of it.   

Graco Baby Swing

We loved our baby swing. You could use it 3 ways. You could swing forwards and backwards, side to side and use it as a bouncer. Aiden preferred to swing side to side and he loved the bouncy seat. I would set him in the seat while I was taking a shower, getting ready or while eating. I think the seat was his favorite thing as a newborn. If I couldn’t get him to fall asleep I would put him in this and turn on the vibration and he would fall right to sleep. This isn’t our exact one but it’s very similar.

Tiny Love 4 in 1 Walker

We’re big fans of this one as well. It has lots of activities for babies to enjoy and can be used as a walker, bouncer, and push along. It’s adjustable in height, the seat turns and it has brakes if you don’t want to use the walker. We use this one a lot and take it with us when we go over to a friend's house. Lately we’ve been using it a lot outside. Aiden really enjoys this one!

Fisher Price Portable Chair

This is another great item to have on hand. It’s super easy to pack when you go somewhere and works great if you’re trying to get ready and need somewhere for baby to sit that can keep them busy and distracted. It has two toys on the front of it and is great before baby can sit unassisted. 

Fisher Price Play Mat

We used this a lot when Aiden was smaller and took it with us when we went on trips because it’s super easy to pack. The piano works great for strengthening babies legs and for tummy time. It also has toys above them to play with when lying on their back. We still use the piano now that he’s a little older so this is one that will grow with them for a while.

Transition Sippy cup

This is Aiden’s favorite sippy cup. Especially when we first introduced water. We’re about to transition him from using bottles and these are the cups we’ll be using to do that.

Outlet covers

Every parent needs outlet covers for their babies and these work well and are clear so you can barely tell they’re there.

Baby ear protectors

We took Aiden to a lot of SIU games when he was little and these worked great! They didn’t bother him at all.

Bumper car

If Aiden could talk I think he would say this is his absolute favorite thing. He could play on this for hours and never get tired! He is starting to get the hang of steering but there’s a remote for parents to steer the car as well. This one is so fun!

Bumbo 3 in 1 Seat

This is great to have for when they get older and you want to use a booster at home instead of a high chair but we also take it when we eat dinner at a relatives house or if we’re traveling. It has two height adjustments and an insert for smaller babies. The tray is super easy to wipe down and attaches to the back of the seat when you don’t need it. The seat also straps to the chair you sit them in.

Hatch Sound Machine

We’ve used this since he was born and will probably be using it for a long time. It has different sounds and colors you can pick from and you can control it from the app. There’s other features but we haven’t used them yet. 

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