Top 6 Must Haves for a New Mom

Top 6 Must Haves for New Moms
As a new mom there are lots of things you find you need or think are helpful with recovery, breastfeeding and many other things along the way. Today I’m sharing my top 6 must haves as a new mom. #ad
1. This nursing bra was my absolute favorite. I tried 3 different ones before I found one that I liked. It was super comfortable and the padding didn’t get messed up everytime I washed it. 
2. This Belly Binder helped with recovery from the c-section. The hospital gave me one but I felt like this one did the job a little better.
3. These leggings were another item I liked for c-section recovery. I recommend sizing up in these.
4. I had trouble with my milk supply and tried to do everything I could to build it up. This protein powder was made for postpartum moms by a mom and I loved everything about it!
5. Another thing that helps build milk supply is staying hydrated. I got tired of plain water and wanted something to add to it for flavor. I used this hydromom drink mix and just added it into my water bottles.
6. This breastfeeding essentials set is perfect for the breastfeeding mom. It has everything you need for starting and to help with the soreness at first.
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